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How do I play??

   There are several ways you can join us.

Windows Platform:

  • Mud Master (Freeware) is a basic way to go.

  • zMUD (Shareware $29.95) has over 60,000 registered users.
    zMUD is a great application if you want to go the windows shareware way. Simply click the following link to download the zMUD install and then run the setup program downloaded. zMud has been updated constantly for many years, taking players input and implementing every good idea out there. zMUD has a very good refund policy if you change your mind.

    • Click HERE to download a 30 day free evaluation.

  • JMC (Check out the site for features)

  • Portal (Check out site for features)

  • MUSHclient is a fast, scriptable, easy-to-use client with many features.

Linux Platform:
  • MCL (Freeware), is an older MUD client that works well and is one of the better choices for unix.

  • MudMagic Client (Freeware) is a new Windows and Linux MUD Client.

  • TinTin++ (Freeware) is a popular Mud interface that can be run on a Unix shell account, as well as a SLIP/PPP connection.

Mac Platform:
  • Rapscallion is a wonderful MacOS MUD client that has an enormous amount of features.

  • Savitar (Shareware $18), a nice MAC client that continues to improve.

Telnet Applications

We highly suggest using a client to access TSR but if you insist on using a pure telnet application here are a few good ones.

If you just want straight up Telnet, then users can click HERE. Once you have a client installed simply connect via the following information:

Domain: tsr.org  Port: 9000



Don't want to download anything? Try our JAVA Telnet Client which you can find HERE.

Over travelers have joined us since Feb 9th 2001!!!
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